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The Career Center offers a variety of services to facilitate employer access to AUC’s top-quality students and graduates. 

Welcome Employers!

Whether you want to hire students or alumni for entry, intermediate or senior level positions; interview candidates for internships or full-time positions; or promote your corporate image on campus, the career center can help you connect with students and alumni to meet your hiring needs.

What We Provide?

  • Recruitment services
  • Corporate-student interaction
  • Image building and branding opportunities
  • Recruitment and selection tools
  • Corporate career development modules

Why Partner with the Career Center?

  • Streamline recruiting decisions
  • Manage and consolidate your recruiting costs: one-check, one-stop shopping
  • Strengthen your organization’s presence on campus
  • Develop stronger relationships with the AUC community
  • Boost your corporate image and increase your visibility
Employment Fair

Employment Fair

The fair gives participating employers the opportunity to discuss career opportunities, the latest trends in the market, and industry-based topics and provide relevant information about their organizations with the attendees. The fair setting is providing a professional networking channel and easy access between students/alumni and employers to build relationships for future career opportunities.

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Campus Recruitment Week

Campus Recruitment Week is designed to give employers direct access to interview AUC’s graduating class for full/part time jobs upon graduation.

Engage with AUC Community

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Mock Interviews Week

The Mock Interviews Week is a biannual event that takes place during the fall and spring semesters, where one week is announced during the semester for professionals to conduct a mock interview with senior students. 

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CO-OP Program

The CO-OP program gives employers the chance to meet short-term recruitment needs, spot future talent and contribute to students’ skills and career development.

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Job Shadowing Program

In a Job Shadowing visit, the employer hosts an undergraduate student or a group of undergraduate students, physically or virtually, to experience the day-to-day tasks of a professional on his/her job.

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Challenges and Competitions

Corporate challenges and competitions are offered by employers as an opportunity for students to work on solutions for real or hypothetical professional challenges.

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In-Class Visits

Instead of offering a full case study, employers can opt for an in-class visit, in coordination with the faculty, in which a professional can share his expertise by visiting a class as a guest speaker.

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Practical Learning Program

The Practical Learning Program (PLP) provides employers with the opportunity to partner with a faculty member in an academic course to challenge students with an in-class case study relevant to an existing/hypothetical issue or an area of expertise at the employer.

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A Day in the Life

“A Day in the Life” session is a virtual meeting with a professional which gives undergraduate students the opportunity to explore and get insights about career(s) in their field of interest. 

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Build Your Brand On Campus

Employer Partner Program

Our Employer Partners Program is an exclusive partnership opportunity designed to maximize your organization’s engagement effectiveness at AUC.

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Access Networks and Communities

Career Center Consulting Network

Founded by the Career Center in 2017, the Career Center Consulting Network (CCCN) aims at bringing like-minded students interested in exploring management consulting related careers together to create a peer-to-peer ecosystem to enhance their case interviews with the guidance of career center members and industry professionals who contribute their time and effort to hold workshops, mock interviews and Q&A sessions to the students.