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Practical Learning Program

Practical Learning Program (PLP) provides employers with the opportunity to partner with a faculty member in an academic course to challenge students with an in-class case study relevant to an existing or a hypothetical issue at the employer’s side. 

Throughout the semester, students work in groups with the assistance of the professor and the employer in order to come up with ideas that address the case study’s problem statement. At the end of the semester, students present their proposals in front of the professor and corporate professionals who share their feedback with the students. 

Why Join the Practical Learning Program?

  • Engage with faculty and contribute to students’ learning in the classroom
  • Identify innovative solutions to existing issues
  • Spot potential interns and future hires
  • Enhance your corporate visibility on campus

How to Participate?

To learn more about the PLP program and to discuss potential collaboration, email [email protected].