Internship Program

An internship is an experience where students get exposed to practical work experience while getting the chance to apply their theoretical and soft skills within a supervised professional setting. Through internships, students get a chance to gain work experience, develop their practical knowledge, make connections and better understand one or more professional fields of interest.

Why Hire Interns? 

AUC strongly endorses all types of experiential learning to help students progress in their personal and career development. Internships are also a strategic way to create employer branding and develop a strong talent pipeline while providing a mutually beneficial experience for both employers and students. Students get exposure to on-the-job learning while employers can develop a well-rounded evaluation of the student for future opportunities. This creates both a sufficient talent pipeline and brings the students’ fresh insight into the organization. 

Accordingly, by hiring interns you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access and evaluate a pool of multi-skilled and versatile students
  • Create a source of new ideas and fresh insight 
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Increase retention of new hires 
  • Enhance your corporate visibility on campus
  • Contribute to student professional and educational development

Internships are offered through one of the following four main programs:








June - August


June – August 
or ongoing


One month

One to three months

Part-time (one to twelve months)

One to three months
part-time (one to six months)

Application Period

October - December

April - July


Two to six months before the internship

*Note that any of the above programs can be provided either virtually or on-ground.


Internship Process

  • To participate in the internship program, email to discuss your internship needs and guide you through the internship process. 

    Alternatively, you can directly announce your organization’s internship opportunities to students on CareerWEB - AUC's online career management system- by creating an account for your organization and doing a job posting. You may refer to our CareerWEB Guide to take you through the steps.

    Additionally, if you would like to host virtual interns and don’t know where to start, you can check our Virtual Internship Guide to give you some ideas on how to structure your own program.


  • Once you have selected students for an internship, it is recommended that you inform the Career Center of the names of selected candidates for our reference and for evaluation purposes. 

    If you face difficulties in the selection process or cannot find a suitable candidate, we encourage you to get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you in reaching the right caliber. 



  • Feedback is critical for continuous development, make sure to let students know their areas of improvement as well as their areas of strength to aid in their learning and development. 

    The Career Center internship officer will send you an evaluation by the end of the internship period to provide your input regarding your experience with the selected candidates. This is critical as we strive for continuous improvement and adjust continuously according to your feedback and market demands