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A man sitting on a desk interviewing a boy in an office

Mock Interviews Week

The Mock Interviews Week is a biannual event that takes place during the fall and spring semesters, where one week is announced during the semester for professionals to conduct a mock interview with senior students. 

Mock Interviews Week by Professionals

The event is geared to introduce senior students to the viewpoint of industry professionals with regard to candidate evaluation, and the participating professional(s) will need to evaluate the student's responses and give them immediate feedback. It’s a good chance for employers to meet with senior students, help them improve their interviewing skills, and brand their company name on campus without any commitments. It also benefits employers to easily spot talent for any upcoming opportunities.

What is Mock Interviews Week?

The Mock Interviews Week is aimed at enhancing students’ interviewing skills through practice and receiving personalized feedback from professionals. The professionals will receive the resumes of the registered students before the mock interview day, and to ensure that the experience is representative of real interviews, an entry-level job description is shared with the students as well.

How to Participate?

If interested in participating, send an email to [email protected].