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The Career Center is committed to serve AUC students to reach their desired careers, through two main mandates; professional career guidance and planning and career exploration and preparation services. 

Welcome, Students!

The Career Center is keen to introduce AUC students to top employers not just inside Egypt or the region but also globally. Students will better understand their skills and values, dive into their desired careers, explore different career fields and industries. 

In addition, all efforts are exerted to build reputable employers’ relations to help our students access different industries and various fields ready enough with all the current market needs. Through a variety of experiential learning programs, students are able to gain practical experience before venturing the real world of work and network with employers of interest. All career guidance and career planning services are provided by certified career development facilitator instructors and licensed assessors.

Join the Peer Career Leaders Program

The Peer Career Leader (PCL) program is the main bridge of communication between AUC students and the Career Center. The program is designed to identify student leaders representing various AUC academic departments and enhance their professional development.


Calendar of Workshops and Sessions

The Career Center organizes career-related workshops and sessions for AUC students and alumni to enhance career education and knowledge.

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