Fair Preparation

A wide range of different industries are available at the Employment Fair. During the event, participating companies discuss career opportunities with you and provide you with relevant information about their organizations. To make the best out of the event, follow the tips/suggestions listed below:

Jobs/internship opportunities are announced in an e-booklet.

  • Step 1 (Web Access): Check your email for registration links. If you didn't receive an email, contact us at

  • Step 2 (Phone Access)

    • After registering on the website, you can access the opportunities using the app on your phone.

    • To download the app, click on these links (as relevant): App Store, Google Play.

    • Application process: Apply in-person on the day of the event at each booth.

  • Resume: Prepare a well-written resume that has an objective statement or a profile stating your career aspirations. It is recommended that you bring at least 10 resumes to the Employment Fair depending on the number of companies to which you are applying.

  • One-minute commercial: Prepare a one-minute commercial about yourself that will briefly, but enthusiastically, show your strengths, skills, experience and interest.

  • Dress for success: Dress for the Employment Fair in a semi-formal manner (no jeans). We recommend that you wear pants and button-down shirts for males, and wear dress, skirt/slacks and blouse for females. Do not forget that your appearance will be evaluated by an employer, and employers are sure to remember the applicants who present themselves in a professional manner.

AUC Access

  • AUC ID is required for entry. Facial recognition is required at all times.


  • Application process: To apply for any of the jobs, attend the Employment Fair and connect with the company representatives. Applications are either by submitting a resume on the day or applying online as advised by each employer.

  • Ask questions: This is where your homework comes into play. Ask intelligent questions about the company. Use the Employment Fair to learn about your target career opportunities. Make sure to ask for as much information about the company as you can (brochures/informative material).

  • Take notes: Before leaving each booth, take notes of any conversation and possible job opportunities with the company. If the representative calls you later, these notes can be your reference.

  • Tracking your applications: Make sure to use a resume tracking list to note down the companies to which you have submitted your resume; this will contribute to an efficient follow-up process.


Important Information

  • By participating in the event, you authorize The American University in Cairo to use photographs taken at the event in any publication.

  • The Employment Fair is NOT a public event; it is restricted to enrolled AUC students studying towards a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree and alumni holding AUC bachelor’s, masters, or PhD degrees.

  • AUC is a tobacco-free community. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.