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Work Study

Would you like to gain hands-on experience while on campus? Are you an enrolled student wanting to earn some money on the side?

AUC undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to work on campus, physically or virtually, with various departments and offices through the Work Study Program. 

The Work Study Program helps students learn more about what happens behind the scenes in offices and departments, all while making use of their free time, developing interpersonal and professional skills, and earning money.

  • Work Study Categories

    As a student, you can apply for one or both of the following categories provided that you meet the eligibility criteria:

    • Work Study Support
    • Undergraduate Classroom Support
    • Undergraduate Research Intern


    Students - Egyptian and international - who are interested in participating in the program should be full-time students; graduate students must be enrolled in at least one course, as follows:


    Minimum GPA

    Class Level

    Work Study Support - Undergraduates


    All undergraduate students

    Work Study Support - Graduates


    All graduate students

    Undergraduate Classroom Support


    Juniors, seniors and graduating seniors

    Undergraduate Research Intern


    Juniors, seniors and graduating seniors

    NB: Students who are receiving Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship will not be entitled for the Work Study payment as per the scholarship rules.


  • All departments and offices announce Work Study opportunities on CareerWEB. You can apply to Work Study opportunities announced on CareerWEB under the jobs section.

  • Work Study terms are indicated by the start and end dates of every semester: 

    • Fall 2022: September 4 – December 12, 2022
    • Winter 2023: January 2 – January 23, 2023
    • Spring 2023: February 1 – May 22, 2023
    • Summer 2023: June 6 – July 18, 2023
  • Work Study hours can be flexible and can accommodate your weekly class schedule, as arranged in agreement with your supervisor. There is a maximum number of hours that a student is allowed to complete per semester as follows:

    Undergraduate Students

    • Fall/Spring: Maximum of 120 hours
    • Summer: Maximum of 80 hours
    • Winter: Maximum of 40 hours

    Graduate Students

    The maximum number of hours depends on the number of courses you are enrolled in:

    • One course: Maximum of 40 hours
    • Two courses: Maximum of 80 hours
    • Three or more courses: Maximum of 120 hours

    Important Note:
    You will be compensated for the maximum number of hours that you are entitled to work in any number of departments.

  • Compensation Rate

    • Undergraduate students: EGP 50 per hour
    • Graduate students: EGP 75 per hour

    Compensation Process

    • You will receive your payment after the Work Study term is complete through your bank account.
    • A mandatory evaluation on your CareerWEB account needs to be completed in order to receive your payment. 
    • Your department/office needs to have provided the Career Center with the number of hours that you have worked.

    Important Notes:

    • You will need to have the following bank information ready before the evaluation opens: Bank Name, Name of Account Holder, EGP IBAN.
    • The IBAN is different from the account number, it consists of "EG" followed by 27 digits. You can get the IBAN from your bank (by phone banking or on your bank statement). 
    • The process of opening a bank account might take some time so it is important to start the procedure as soon as you can.

Important Note: You can work up to a total of 120 hours in one or more departments in the spring/fall semester. It is strongly recommended that students align early on with the supervisor of the hiring department/office on a system of tracking work conducted and number of hours to avoid possible disputes on payment. The Career Center processes work study payments of students in accordance to hours submitted by the department/office within the department/office’s approved budget. The Career Center is not accountable for settling any disputes that might occur due to unfair compensation to students who have worked additional hours beyond the approved budget of the hiring department/office.