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Work Study

Do you have some free time during the academic semester and would like to gain hands-on working experience? Are you an enrolled student wanting to earn some money on the side?

The Career Center gives you the opportunity to gain work experience and strengthen your resume through the Work Study Program. AUC undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to work on campus, physically or virtually, with various departments and offices through the Work Study Program. 

The Work Study Program helps students learn more about what happens behind the scenes of classrooms and departments, all while making use of their free time, developing interpersonal and professional skills, and earning money. 

The program offers positions in various departments and offices at AUC, with the opportunity to accustom different majors and technical skills. There are general Work Study guidelines to be explained below, with every department setting varying natures of work so all fields are included.

What’s in it for you?  

  • Make use of your free time between classes
  • Gain valuable work experience 
  • Develop your job skills
  • Enhance your resume
  • Gain more clarity on your career goals and aspirations
  • Have an edge in the job market
  • Receive financial compensation
  • Students - Egyptian and International - who are interested in participating in the program should meet the following general eligibility criteria during the semester they’re considering to join the Work Study program: 

    • Undergraduate students: must be a full-time enrolled student, GPA 2.0 or above

    • Graduate students: must be enrolled in at least one course, GPA 3.0 or above

    • Non-degree students: must be a full-time enrolled student

    Ineligible students: part-time students are not eligible to participate in the WS program

    There may be additional eligibility criteria depending on the position you’re applying to, so we recommend you check the Work Study categories table to familiarize yourself with the different Work Study categories and their corresponding eligibility criteria and compensation rates.

    1. Develop your résumé and upload it on your CareerWEB account | Documents. For assistance in preparing a résumé, you can:

    • Register for a Résumé 101 workshop through your CareerWEB account under the Events section | Workshops.

    • Schedule a resume critique appointment through your CareerWEB account under Counseling Appointments.

    • Visit the Career Center for a résumé critique appointment during the walk-in hours, any working day from 12 - 3 pm, and bring a hard copy of your résumé with you.

    1. Once your résumé has been approved on CareerWEB, you can search for and apply to available Work Study opportunities on CareerWEB | Jobs/Internships section. You can refer to CareerWEB Student Brochure to guide you through the process.

    No Show Policy

    • If you accept a Work Study interview or employment and do not show up on the interview date or the Work Study start date without giving a 48-hour apology notice to the department (not including weekends or official holidays), you will be denied access to the Career Center services, functions and events, and will be placed on hold until you send an apology email to the department with a copy to the Career Center, within ten days of notification. If you fail to send the apology email within the set duration, you will be placed on hold for six months and you will be required to meet with the Work Study Officer to reactivate your eligibility to use the Career Center services.

    • If you break the policy for a second time, your account will be placed on hold and you will be denied access to the Career Center services for one year.

    • In the event of illness or other emergencies during your Work Study term, a student must notify the immediate supervisor as soon as possible

  • Work Study terms are indicated by the start and end dates of every semester: 

    • Fall 2020: September 3 – December 10, 2020 

    • Winter 2021: January 3 – January 21, 2021 

    • Spring 2021: January 31 – May 20, 2021 

    • Summer 2021: June 6 – July14, 2021

    Work Study hours can be flexible and can accommodate your weekly class schedule, as arranged in agreement with your Work Study supervisor. However, according to Work Study rules, there is a maximum number of Work Study hours that a student is allowed to complete per semester as follows:

    Undergraduate Students:

    • Fall/spring: A maximum of 120 hours 

    • Summer: A maximum of 80 hours

    • Winter: A maximum of 40 hours

    Graduate Students:

    The maximum number of hours depends on the number of courses students are enrolled in:

    • One course: A maximum of 40 hours 

    • Two courses: A maximum of 80 hours

    • Three or more courses: A maximum of 120 hours

    • Make sure you have an active EGP bank account under your name through which you will receive your compensation after the Work Study term is complete. You should have full knowledge of the following EGP bank account details:

      1. Bank Name

      2. Bank Account Holder Name 

      3. IBAN (29 characters that start with EG followed by 27 digits)

    • Complete the Work Study student evaluation form on CareerWEB towards the end of the Work Study term by the following deadlines:

      1. Fall 2020: December 8, 2020 

      2. Winter 2021: January 27, 2021 

      3. Spring 2021: May 19, 2021 

      4. Summer 2021: July 14, 2021 

    • Your Work Study supervisor has to complete the department evaluation form of your Work Study performance.

    It is important to note that:

    • Students will not be compensated for their Work Study if they fail to submit their evaluation filled with their bank details correctly by the deadline.

    • The hourly compensation rate is determined by both the student standing (graduate/undergraduate) and the category of the Work Study position as elaborated in the Work Study categories table

  • Look below to see if any of them are answered in our frequently asked questions. If not, do not hesitate to email us at

    Can an international student or a non-citizen apply for a work study position? 

    Yes, the work study program at AUC is open to both international and Egyptian students as long as they meet the work study eligibility criteria. 

    Are undeclared students eligible to apply for work study?

    Yes, undeclared students are eligible for work study as long as they meet the work study eligibility criteria. 

    When can I apply for work study positions on Career Web? 

    Departments start posting work study positions on CareerWEB a week or two before the start of each semester on a rolling basis. Each work study position has its own work study application deadline.

    Can I work at multiple departments/offices during the same semester? 

    Yes, you can have a maximum of two work study positions per semester as long as the total number of working hours does not exceed the allowed limit mentioned under work study terms and hours section. 

    Can work study count for an internship course? 

    It is the responsibility of the student to verify with his/her respective department if the work study opportunity can count for his/her internship course based on the job description of the work study position. 

    What is the difference between work study and internship programs? 

    The works study program avails work studt opportunities that allow full-time, enrolled students to work on campus in parallel to their studies during the semester. On the other hand, the internship program avails mostly off-campus, full-time work opportunities for multiple weeks/months with companies/ organizations at their respective premises, either during the winter or summer break. 

List of Departments

  • Academic and Campus Technologies Support Services
    Accounting Department
    Alumni Engagement Office
    Arab and Islamic Civilizations Department
    Architecture Department
    Arts Department
    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administrative Affairs - GAPP
    Associate Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office
    AUC Forum
    Career Center
    Center for Learning and Teaching
    Center for Migration and Refugee Studies
    Center for Student Well Being
    Center for Translation Studies
    Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Communications and Marketing (Associate Dean of Executive Education and External Relations)
    Computer Science and Engineering Department
    Construction Engineering Department
    Dean of Graduate Studies Office
    Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies
    Dean of Sciences and Engineering
    Economics Department
    Electronics and Communications Engineering Department
    Engineering and Sciences Services
    English Language Instruction
    History Department
    Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology
    International and Comparative Education
    International Programs Office
    John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement
    Journalism and Mass Communication Department
    Management Department
    Mathematics and Actuarial Science Department
    Mechanical Engineering Department
    Office of Athletics
    Office of Medical Services
    Office of Residential Life
    Office of Student Life (OSL)
    Office of the Dean of Students
    Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
    Petroleum and Energy Engineering Department
    Physics Department
    Political Science Department
    Provost Office
    Psychology Department
    Public Policy and Administration Department
    Public Relations And Advertising Agency (PRADA)
    Rare Books and Special Collections Library
    Registrar Office
    School of Business (Office of Student Services and Development)
    School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Dean's Office)
    Student Conduct and Community Relations Office
    Sustainability Office
    Tech Solutions
    University Technology Infrastructure