Job Shadowing

The job shadowing program introduces undergraduate students to potential careers by allowing them to shadow individual business professionals (mentors) and observe their daily routines and activities typically for one full day. During the visit(s), students are able to explore different environments and workplaces to know what suits them best either for a job or even if they plan to apply for an internship at the organization.

Through this program, undergraduate students have the opportunity to "shadow" career practitioners, physically or virtually, in various job-related aspects, ask questions and clarify their career concerns. 

The job shadowing program helps students achieve a better understanding of various careers by experiencing them beforehand to gain an insight into what this profession is like in real life, and network with individuals in the field who definitely help them prepare their career goals. 

Why Consider Job Shadowing? 

  • Deepen your understanding of the demands, rewards, and challenges of a chosen career
  • Gain an overview of the world of work and career opportunities available for you
  • Formulate realistic career goals
  • Promote your career development and personal growth
  • Develop a network of career contacts 
  • Discover potential internship or even job opportunities
    • Develop your resume and upload it on your CareerWEB account. For assistance in preparing a resume, you can:
      • Register for a workshop through your CareerWEB account under the Events section.
      • Schedule a resume critique appointment through your CareerWEB account under Counseling Appointments.
      • Visit the Career Center for a resume critique appointment during the walk-in hours, any working day from 12 - 2 pm, and bring a hard copy of your résumé with you.
    • Once your resume has been approved on CareerWEB, you can research and apply to available job shadowing opportunities at the CareerWEB | Jobs section.
    • If you want to shadow a professional in a specific field or want to explore the work environment in a specific company you can contact the job shadowing contact person to set an appointment and discuss your needs.


Job Shadowing Tips 

    • Research the organization you will be visiting and the career you will be shadowing
    • Prepare the questions you wish to ask the employer ahead of time 
    • Dress appropriately for the visit
    • Arrive to the visit or the meeting point on time or at least five minutes early
    • Complete the student evaluation.
    • Meet with the experiential learning officer, and discuss your job shadowing experience outcomes, and address further inquiries.
    • Write a thank you note to your mentor and submit a copy to the Career Center.