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Career Center Consulting Network

Career Center Consulting Network (CCCN) aims to connect interested AUC students with local and regional management consulting employers in a series of events and workshops to better equip candidates for the selection process of management consulting.

CCCN activities run across the spring semester exclusively inviting CCCN members to:

  • A set of preparation sessions
  • Whatsapp group with ongoing relevant updates
  • Networking events
  • Employer presentations
  • Coaching sessions (by employers)
  • Consulting resume workshops/critiques
  • Mock case interviews 
  • Management consulting case preparation material

CCCN is open to AUC undergraduate students or AUC bachelor degree holders with 1-2 years of work experience and GPAs of 3.4 and above. By registering to CCCN, you permit the Career Center to share your name, major, GPA, email, mobile number, and default or consulting resume (if available on CareerWEB) with management consulting firms if they wish to contact you directly.

What is in it for you to register and be part of CCCN?

  • Get introduced to the management consulting field
  • Be on a mailing list receiving all updates relevant to management consulting opportunities and on-campus events
  • Get connected with alumni and key professionals within management consulting firms locally and regionally
  • Gain access to preparation material on consulting resumes, case interviewing and consulting cases
  • Get to schedule a mock case interview and practice case cracking with like-minded students

Interested? What's Next?

Be part of CCCN NOW!

Send an email to with the subject Career Center Consulting Network – Request to Join.