Mock Interviews Week: A Successful Online Experience Continues


The AUC Career Center gives senior students the unique chance to practice their interviewing skills with an employer, in their field of interest, during mock interviews. Interview simulations based on a job description and employers evaluate students' responses and give them immediate feedback. It's an important step in preparing our students for the very competitive and dynamic job market.

A big thank you to all the 17 professionals and the 72 senior students who participated with us this semester in our virtual mock interviews Week!! Joining us from France, Anna Ballerand, Representative Human Resources, Cisco Systems International, and Kuwait, Yomna Hamza, NME Recruiting Manager - Schlumberger Oilfield Services.

“I want to thank you for how useful the mock interview was. I learned more about Fintech, and Ahmed Shehab, Business Analysis Section head at Aman from Raya Holdings, was beneficial and knowledgeable. He gave me so much advice on his career position as a Business analyst and how to excel in my future interviews. Thank you for allowing me to live such an experience and to learn from it.”

Fatma Sherif Hanafy

Accounting, School of Business Administration

“This was my first time to present feedback on a case study during an interview. It was the first time to have the chance to express my knowledge and logical thinking of a case during an interview. Hassan Taha, factory supply chain manager from Nestle Egypt S.A.E feedback was great and very beneficial. I liked how you pointed out the positives and the points of improvement in a way that is so encouraging to me.

This is the best and most beneficial mock interview I got so far. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to help us learn and experience such an important step in any recruitment process.”

Ahmed Negm

Mechanical Engineering major and Business Administration minor