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Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews Week by Professionals

The AUC Career Center gives senior students the unique chance to practice their interviewing skills with a professional in their field of interest; an interview simulation with a professional. Mock Interviews Week is geared to introduce senior students to the viewpoint of industry professionals with regards to candidate evaluation, and professionals will evaluate the student's responses and give them immediate feedback.

Mock Interviews Appointments by the Career Center Advisors 

You can also schedule an individual advising appointment for a mock interview and/or tips on developing your interviewing skills. 

You can schedule an advising appointment on your CareerWEB account | Counseling appointment tab. 

Mock Interviews Tips

    • Read the job description and identify the required job skills
    • Research the company and the interviewer’s profile
    • Prepare stories about your past experience, that reflect relevant job skills, to use in the interview
    • Dress in business casual attire
    • For virtual mock interviews, test your technology, video, audio, and internet connection are working well.
    • Sit in a comfy, quiet place with good lightings
    • Find the email that was sent to you with the invitation link for the interview, and be connected five minutes before your interview time
    • Introduce yourself confidently with a smile on your face
    • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
    • Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions. Pause for seconds to think about what you want to say
    • Tell the truth and give honest answers
    • Support your answers with examples of your accomplishments whenever possible
    • Answer all questions in a positive way
    • Use action verbs to describe your skills and experiences. For example say 'I supervised', 'I analyzed', or 'I implemented'
    • Ask relevant questions that will reflect your interest in the organization and the position. Your questions should make the interviewer aware that you have done some research on the company