Employment Fair

Job Search Preparation

Job search is a process that involves diligent research, exploration, follow up, and a pinch of creativity. Job seekers who depend solely on responding to announced vacancies are setting themselves for disappointment. Statistics show that around 20% of all available jobs are announced whereas the remaining 80% constitute what is called the hidden job market. In this invisible arena, employers choose not to announce the jobs to avoid the hustles of advertising and the massive applications and résumés that they get a result. Alternatively, recruiters utilize more effective means of identifying and selecting talent.

If you are seeking an internship or job you have to implement an effective job search process that will tap into the hidden job market. This should involve using online and offline networking, and positioning yourself in direct contact with potential employers. 

The Career Center avails access to employers and opportunities through various channels including the bi-annual employment fair, on-campus employer information sessions and opportunities announcements on CareerWEB, but we do not stop there. We help prepare students and alumni to tap into the hidden job market through our various services.

Tips for Job Search and Networking

    • Let people know you exist
    • Keep your connections healthy and alive
    • Know what is going on
    • Manage your image (image = appearance + behavior)
    • Research potential employers, careers and industries well
    • Use all the job search techniques and present yourself favorably
    • Establish your network and get leads and referrals
    • Research prospecting organizations and contact the person who will hire you
    • Follow up
    • Respond to job offers
  • Facebook

    1. Privacy settings are not enough
    2. Review your group memberships and pages you are a fan of
    3. Remove unprofessional apps


    1. Choose a unique background from Twitter, or create one using a free online Twitter background such as TwitterBackground.org
    2. Upload a high quality, professional headshot
    3. Spend quality time wording your 160 character profile for maximum impact and remember to include your career goals
    4. You are what you tweet
    5. Share links and information that are relevant to followers or your industry or career of interest
    6. Follow employees who work in companies of interest
    7. Engage in a conversation with the professionals by responding to their tweets
    8. Follow corporate accounts


    1. Your profile is 21 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile picture
    2. Choose a professional photo that is clear
    3. Write a compelling summary of 40 words or more focusing on your high-level objectives and accomplishments
    4. Your profile is 10 times more likely to be viewed when you add an Education section
    5. Experience sections increase the chances that your profile will be viewed by 36 times
    6. 41% of employers value volunteer work as much as paid work
    7. Adding 5 skills or more increases the chances of your profile getting viewed by 17 times

Meet a Career Advisor

Our career advisors are available to meet with you individually. However, it is up to you to make majordecisions, act on your decisions and make your career plan a reality. Confidentiality of personal information, assessment outcomes, and credentials is guaranteed. You can make use of this service as early as your freshman year.

You can schedule an advising appointment on your CareerWEB account | Counseling Appointment Section. 

Attend a Workshop

The Career Center offers the following workshops:

Internship/Job Search Strategies

Finding a job is a job in itself. In this session, you will discover the techniques to position yourself for internships and jobs; and explore creative means to penetrating the job market. You will learn how to leverage your online presence and networks; in addition to the importance of networking and types of job search correspondence.

Job Search Toolkit (for graduate students and alumni)

Develop and implement successful job search strategies to acquire an edge in your search. Learn how to create effective résumés, develop job search strategies, and professionally and effectively present yourself during interviews.

For details about the workshops, refer to CareerWEB | Events Section.