Spring 2021 Sessions

10:00 am —  Welcome Remarks

Dalia Awad
Executive Director, Career Center, AUC

Maha El Moslemany
Associate Director, Employer Relations, Career Center, AUC

10:10 am — Opening Talk: Leadership Journey 

Mirna Arif
Country General Manager, Microsoft Egypt

This opening talk by an accomplished leader will walk you through their lessons-learned, through their highs and lows and through successes and failures as you engage with a live journey to leadership.

#transitions #cross_roads # talk_from_the_heart #lessons_learned


11:00 am — Resilience! Now More Than Ever!

Karim Battawy
Leadership development facilitator and executive coach, KB Associates

Are you worried about what the future holds? Are you envisioning your life a year from now? This session will share with you top needed skills and real-life insights on how to handle the transition to be able to show up to the world the way that you want to. You are graduating in a time full of ambiguity and many questions must be popping in your mind on how to steer through life. This session will help you focus on key resilience skills… Life is a breeding ground for challenges, stress and overwhelm, and the key is to be able to focus and bring to the world the best version of yourself. 

You probably heard the term Growth Mindset. How can it serve us to make miracles? What does it mean to be mentally and emotionally agile? Let’s learn how to avoid getting stuck or being judgmental, and enhance our optimistic thinking style to crave the way for success.

#ready_RESET_go #life_transition #empowering_skills 


12:00 pm — Life After Graduation: Virtual Interviews and Beyond

Dalia Darweesh
Human Resources Supervisor, Orange Egypt 

Do you know exactly what I want to do after graduation? Are you prepared for it? What are your options and how are you going to reach out for opportunities? Many questions are always in the mind of senior students. Join this session, let us discuss every question that ever crossed your mind and share experience from both employer/applicant point of view. Find out more about the most common type of interviews that you will be probably invited for in 2021: Virtual Interviews! Master the preparation techniques for video interviewing/virtual interviewing as well as how to showcase your competence through a screen-based setup during a virtual interview. Hear it from the pros on what they look for during interviews and the key areas they focus on when assessing a candidate.

#virtual_interviews #interview_preparation #useful_techniques


1:00 -1:30 pm — Break

1:30 pm — Building Your Personal Brand

Sarah Seif
Associate to State Minister of Information 

Are you prepared to leave the right first impression among employers? Have you ever wondered what kind of impression they might already have about you, even before meeting you, just by checking your current online persona? Did you reflect on what distinguishes your profile among other graduates? Are you ready to capitalize on your strengths and highlight your edge at interviews, networking events or during your first year on the job? This session will put you on the right track of solid steps you need to start working on to build your personal brand. 

#the_brand_YOU #right_first_impression #professional_persona


2:30 pm — Your Legal Rights within the Egyptian Labor Law

Sue Ellen Hassouna
Founder of Sue Ellen Foundation for Legal Development | Executive Regional Legal Director, Al Ahram Beverages

Got an offer? What’s next? You will be asked to sign a contract that details your rights and obligations. Are you familiar with the conditions, commitments and legalities of your contract? Through this interactive session, you will increase your legal awareness as well as get equipped on how to professionally tackle contract-signing-related matters.

#first_offer #legal_rights #legal_responsibilities


3:15 pm — Group Photo 

3:30 pm — Conference Adjourns