Spring 2019 Sessions

Alexandre Froment-Curtil, CEO, Vodafone Egypt

A1: Make First Impressions Last: First 90 Days on the Job!

Mariam Moussa, CPCC, PCC, Executive and Leadership Coach

Having a compelling first impression is one thing and having a continuous reputation and a successful journey is a totally different story. This session is designed to expand your perspectives, raise your awareness of self and others, and bridge the gap between your university life and professional life by leaving a lasting impression. Learn which landmines to avoid during the first 90 days on your first job. Gain insight on how to develop your professional image, adopt the right attitude for the workplace, and build successful relationships at work. You will be leaving this session with more confidence and resilience to make conscious choices and pave your career journey as you desire!

A2: Create a Winning Mindset

Maged Mounir, Training Consultant, ASPIRE Training Solutions

Your upcoming phase of life doesn’t come along with a four or five-year plan. So, what would you need to bring along to this phase? A self-aware mindset that breaks ineffective patterns and distinguishes between assumptions and facts. This session is planned to help you create a winning mindset capable of managing what’s happening next in your career. It is a session to equip you with the right frame of reference to embrace the inevitable change in your upcoming journey.

A3: Redesign Your Planning Experience

Hoda Hamad, Business Development Lead and Women in Tech Track Manager, AlMakinah | Design Thinking Consultant, GIZ
Rana Hegazi, Co-founder and Service Designer, HXD Innovation | Innovation Manager, Flat6Labs

"Design thinking" is amongst the hottest trending terms in an array of different disciplines. Here is your chance to experience design thinking in a practical hands-on approach, where you not only get to experience the methodology but also apply the five phases of design thinking to redesign your new planning tool. This approach is specifically useful as it is human-centric, i.e each participant will come out of this workshop with a new planning tool that suits his/her personal needs. This workshop is ideal for those interested in innovation, problem-solving, and creativity. 

A4: Master The Art of Interviewing

Shereen Abdel Salam, Human Resource Management Consultant

Yes, interviewing is an art that needs mastering! Get prepared to practice the tough questions before your upcoming interview. Test-drive your interviewing skills in a simulated environment and get immediate feedback on your performance from your peers. Rehearse your prepared examples and learn how to turn them into convincing stories demonstrating your transferable skills. Finally, gain insight on how to go around the challenging interviewing questions and how to turn your interview into a mutual dialogue. 

B1: Using Art as a Tool to Work Through Transition

Carol Hammal, Digital Art Therapy Consultant

Change became a constant fact in our lives as we go from one phase to another. Going to school, joining AUC, and preparing for life and career after graduation are some transitions that you experience in your life. During any life transition, questions, concerns and sometimes uncertainty come to mind. Art has proven to be an effective tool for self-expression and reflection on our emotions, fears and hope at times of change. In this session, you will use ART as a strong coping mechanism that will help you to vent out and reflect on your feelings, reduce stress and embrace change. You will leave with a tool that you can apply during any time of future life transitions. You do not need to be skilled in the art to join this session.

B2: Practice Persuasive Communication

Mohamed Ali, Sales Manager, Active Cosmetics Division, L'Oreal

Your ability to persuade is crucial in today’s professional world. You will regularly need it to convince colleagues to work toward company goals or to persuade team members or clients to consider your ideas and suggestions. If you can master the skill of persuasive communication, you can win the support of others, unify your team and encourage them to work together. Hear it from the expert on how he gains credibility, conveys benefits and values feedback!

B3: Boost Your Emotional Fitness on the Job

Nader Maurice, CEO, Red Rock International

You are graduating in months, leaving your comfort zone and moving into an exciting, long-awaited yet ambiguous phase of your life. What if you were told that gaining a certain skill would help you with stress management, problem-solving and resilience? Would you be willing to invest in a skill that increases your motivation at work and enhances your ability to build more robust relationships? This skill is Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Fitness i.e. your mental and emotional agility, which has been ranked among the top 10 skills employers look for in 2020. Sign-up for this workshop and improve your self-awareness and self-confidence by boosting your Emotional Fitness.

B4: Exercise Self-Leadership: What it takes to Succeed and Grow in the World of Work

Eman El Mallawany, Senior Facilitator and Coach (ACC), Leadership Training and Consultancy – LTC

To become a self-leader, you will need to take responsibility for creating the work environment that is motivating for you; accelerate your learning cycle on the job and learn how to gain autonomy and freedom. This session will enable you to identify and articulate your needs in a way that ensures that you get the guidance and support required to help you succeed and grow in the world of work.

Change is the Only Constant

Nazli Kassem, Planner, JWT

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace and it’s getting tougher to navigate through and adjust. Now that you are about to graduate within months, it’s vital to maintain a solid level of awareness of the most recent trends across 10 key fields. Getting to understand the big picture and the changes it undergoes will allow you to be more prepared for career endeavors you may be planning for. This fast-paced session will not only allow you to increase your knowledge on the latest global trends but will also encourage you to be more disruptive in your environment.

Sue Ellen Hassouna, Founder, Sue Ellen Foundation for Legal Development

Excited to accept a job offer? What comes next? It is likely that you’ll be asked to sign an employment contract. The contract serves as a binding agreement between you and your employer as it outlines the agreed-upon rights and obligations. Are you familiar with the conditions, commitments, and legalities of your contract? What will happen if either party breaches the contract? Learn more about your legal rights and responsibilities and how to tactfully and professionally resolve any legal issues that may arise.