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As part of reaching out to the community, the Career Center participates in the summer bootcamps held at AUC premises during the summer of 2022. The purpose of the bootcamp was to support high school students regarding the daunting challenge of choosing a career.

The bootcamp, which was held in July 2022, aided a group of 20 high school students in learning about a variety of career options under the guidance of three Career Center staff members with years of experience in career advising, experiential learning and employer relations. They discovered what the job trends are in today’s competitive market through a job shadowing experience at Froneri, in addition to guest speakers who talked about unconventional career paths. They learned what qualities they already possess through self-assessments, and found out what skills they need to establish their brand and achieve their career ambitions through a series of experiential learning activities. 

At the end of the bootcamp, they presented their personalized career story and an action plan of what they will do next to pursue their identified career.