Caroline Nassar

Assistant Director, Career Advising and Scholarship Engagement
t: +20.2.2615.3820

Caroline Nassar is an assistant director, career advising and scholarship engagement at The American University in Cairo (AUC), at the Career Center. Her scope of work involves providing individual career advising to students and alumni as well as holding career development workshops and outreach sessions to help in clarifying career interests and to support their career planning and job search. Nassar is also qualified to administer and interpret several self-assessment tools such as the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She is an advocate for equal opportunity for all; she aids in raising awareness of inclusion in the workplace and works with students with disabilities to better prepare them for the job market.

Nassar has experience in supporting students and alumni in their graduate studies search, and scholarship and application process. Her scope of work spans from reaching out and coordinating with different international universities to hold on-campus graduate study information sessions, to planning and organizing an annual international graduate study fair with participation from international universities, institutes and organizations offering graduate study opportunities and scholarships. 

Nassar graduated from the German University in Cairo with a bachelor degree in business informatics, then later obtained her master degree from AUC in the field of international and comparative education. She currently coaches public universities’ staff members in career planning and job search as part of a USAID-funded project (UCCD), teaches at the Professional Educator Diploma at AUC and volunteers with CISV to promote peace education among teenagers internationally.

Dalia Awad

Executive Director
t: +20.2.2615.3830

Dalia Awad has more than 30 years of experience in the educational and advising fields in the areas of management, training, career education, coaching, advising, and evaluation. She joined the Career Center at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in summer 2001 as a career advisor. In the span of 19 years, she was promoted to a senior career advisor, associate director of career advising, director, career advising and campus engagement and is currently executive director of the AUC Career Center, a role she has assumed since April 2020.

In her new role at the Career Center, she sets strategies and operational plans for the career center and oversees four teams namely recruitment and employer relations, experiential learning, advising and operational and assessment teams. In her former capacity as director of career advising and campus engagement, her scope of work involved managing the career advising operation ensuring that students and alumni career planning and advising needs are met and that relevant career information and resources are available. Awad is qualified to administer and interpret several self-assessment tools including the MBTI and SII psychometric assessments. Throughout her 19 years of work as part of the advising team, she designed and delivered career development workshops, met individually with students and alum to address their career needs and delivered career modules in classrooms.

Awad was involved in the establishment of two employability and career development centers in two public universities as part of a USAID-funded project. She is currently involved as a technical advisor in another USAID-funded project (UCCD) which undertakes opening 21 career centers in 14 public universities. 

Awad is a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Instructor and a certified job and career transition coach; she enjoys the capacity building of career practitioners as a trainer and coach and has participated in several Facilitating Career Development (FCD) training programs. 

Prior to her work at AUC, Awad worked for 14 years in the educational field in the areas of management, training and evaluation. The positions that she held in several private schools include academic consultant to the director, assistant principal and head of a department. Awad received a BSc in mechanical engineering, with the highest honors, from AUC.

Farah Asfour

Work-Study Officer
t: +20.2.2615.3821

Graduated in 2009 from The American University in Cairo (AUC) with a bachelor degree in economics. Asfour worked for seven years in the magazine and publishing and startup industries before shifting to the education field and joining the experiential learning team at the AUC Career Center in Fall 2017. She took over the responsibility of launching and promoting the Off-Campus Work study program. She is managing the University’s On-Campus Work study program. She is also in charge of coordinating corporate competitions as part of the experiential learning services offered to students. She has experience in employer relations and managing key employer accounts. As to her hobbies, she enjoys reading, playing sports and watching history documentaries.

Heba Shaheen

Manager, Career Services
t: +20.2.2615.3827

Heba Shaheen’s greatest passion is helping others to understand themselves and fulfill their purpose in life, especially when it comes to identifying areas of strengths, career values, interests, skills, or putting the puzzle pieces together. It's an amazing moment when it all comes together like a piece of art! A certified career professional; Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, Career Development Facilitator from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner. 

Shaheen’s starting point as an AUC freshman student was so puzzling, she ended up studying a bachelor of science in chemistry and did a minor in psychology. Throughout the years after graduation, Shaheen strongly questioned her career prospects until she started working as a teacher and realized her strong interest in education. To grow as a professional educator, she finished her master degree in international and comparative education at AUC, with a concentration in research and policymaking, and her thesis was focused on education for sustainable development and civic engagement in public schools.

Doing the career shift herself was not an easy experience, but definitely an exciting one. With all the ups and downs that came in the transition period, it was definitely worth it. Shaheen believes that a positive mindset and having grit - perseverance and passion for long-term goals - is always the way to go!

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. —Charles Swindoll"

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein" 

Interests: cooking, fitness, kayaking, and reading

MBTI Type: INFJ with a strong social and investigative interest

Leidya Boutros

Assistant Director, Career Readiness Programs

Leidya Boutros is currently supporting students and alumni in various stages of career development as the assistant director, career services and scholarship engagement at The American University in Cairo. Prior to her current role, Boutros was managing experiential learning programs at AUC’s Career Center which – coupled with her current role - has provided her with experience across the spectrum of career services. 

As a certified instructor of the facilitating career development curriculum, Boutros has contributed to the first of its kind training of career services providers in Egypt in various public universities established by the AUC Career Center through a USAID-funded grant. She is also a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) and is licensed to run and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII). She is also a certified Holistic Narrative Career Professional. Boutros is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). 

A disruptive career services generalist, driven by a desire to make an authentic and positive impact on employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity, she invests in identifying and tackling clients' career gaps utilizing her malleable and diverse toolkit. Adopting a futuristic approach with lifelong learning at its foundation and building resilience and self-efficacy as its pillars, Boutros empowers people capital and equips them for the rapidly changing global realities. 

Boutros' passion for helping people was the motivation behind the career shift from political science to career guidance. After acquiring a bachelor degree in political science from Cairo University, she continued to obtain a master degree in international relations from AUC and has completed a master in counseling psychology through a distance program with Hope International University in California. 

Boutros' professional experience includes two years as a diplomatic attaché in the Egyptian foreign service and two years in the cultural section of the American Embassy in Cairo working on public diplomacy programs. 

Leila Dubois

Senior Career Advisor

Leila Dubois is a senior career advisor at The American University in Cairo (AUC). At first, Dubois joined the Career Center while pursuing her bachelor degree as a peer career advisor, part of the peer career leader work study program. Her current scope of work involves providing individual career advising to students and alumni as well as holding career development workshops and outreach sessions to help in clarifying career interests and to support their career planning and job search. Formerly, Dubois was a deputy head and senior second language instructor at an American International School. Now, she returns to the Career Center to continue helping students in finding their career aspirations and to better prepare themselves for it and plan for a successful career. Dubois has a bachelor degree from AUC in English and comparative literature and a double minor in business administration and psychology.

Maha El Moslemany

Associate Director, Employer Relations
t: +20.2.2615.3790

Helping millennials and generation Z become the best version of their professional selves is Maha El Moslemany’s purposeful passion. Her current scope of work involves both employer branding on the employers’ side and personal branding on the students and alumni side. El Moslemany specializes in building strategic employer relations and corporate partnerships, planning and executing university-wide employer branding campaigns and developing tailored recruitment solutions for employers. For students and alumni, she guides them in their job search process along with consulting them on how to develop a unique personal brand.

Graduated in 2003 from The American University in Cairo (AUC) with a bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication and a double minor in psychology and business administration, El Moslemany's consciously decided to shift her career path from advertising to career education since 2006 and is highly passionate about coaching, training and enhancing millennials and generation Z's career preparation tool-kit.

Marianne Elia

Manager of Recruitment Services
t: +20.2.2615.3518

Marianne Elia has been working at the American University in Cairo (AUC) for the past 14 years. Experienced in recruitment services, she has been closely working with employers from multinationals, non-profit organizations and small and medium enterprises, engaging them with AUC Career Center recruitment services and events. Elia has been the go-to person for different employer activities with the Career Center. Currently, she is working as a manager of recruitment services where she focuses on building relationships with different entities, and collaborating and engaging employers while managing AUC’s major recruitment event: the bi-annual Employment Fair.

Derived with her passion for service and volunteering, she is currently pursuing a master degree in public administration (MPA) at AUC where she had also received her bachelor degree in journalism and mass communication and a diploma in human resources management. She is also pursuing the certification as a Career Service Provider (CSP) offered by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) the USA, to further develop her abilities and harness her skills. In January 2020, and as a sign of her high standards of performance, Elia has received AUC’s Centennial award for her dedication, contribution and commitment to excellence.

Mary Henry

Experiential Learning Officer
t: +20.2.2615.3838

Mary Henry, experiential learning officer at the AUC Career Center graduated from The American University in Cairo (AUC) with a bachelor in business administration. Driven by her passion to help, listen, and encourage others, Henry completed her master in counseling from AUC. She contributed the skills learned to build student trust and rapport to effectively guide them to gain practical insight through the job shadowing program. From her daily rapport with employers and students her hands-on experience in experiential career services, she completed a career coaching certificate with Aspire Training Solutions in 2019 to help others reach their ultimate career goals. Henry has been recognized in 2019 for offering international internship opportunities for students, various job shadowing visits, and for her customer service and positive spirit within the office. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending quality time with family and friends, and traveling when possible.

Noha Abdelhalim

Assessment Manager
t: +20.2.2615.3824

Noha Abdelhalim graduated from The American University in Cairo in 2009 majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) with a double minor in business administration and economics. In 2012 she pursued a master degree with a concentration in marketing from Brunel University in London.  

Abdelhalim has ten years of solid experience in the market research industry specialized in multinational firms managing quantitative projects on key accounts primarily in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and telecommunications. Executed and managed critical projects such as market sizing, segmentation, pricing, mystery shopping, and customer value management. 

In 2019, she moved to the AUC Career Center as an assessment manager where she is mainly responsible for managing a portfolio of employee surveys, focus groups, and evaluations in the implementation of the Career Center’s outcomes assessment strategy. She has an active role in developing and conducting surveys, compiling and analyzing data, generating reports and dashboards, and sharing information with Career Center staff for planning purposes and with academic departments for accreditation purposes. 

Nouran Victor

Assistant Director for Information and Career Communications
t: +20.2.2615.3792

Nouran Victor joined the office in 2015 and she works mainly to promote and publicize the Career Center’s services among students, alumni, faculty and employers. She handles the office communication strategy and manages all the promotional material disseminated from the Career Center above the line and below the line. Victor has been working at AUC for eight years. In 2010, she started pursuing her master degree in journalism and mass communication at AUC focusing on the marketing activities of presidential elections that were held in 2012. Meanwhile, she worked at the mass communication and the marketing departments as a Teaching Assistant (TA) until June 2014.

Victor graduated from Misr International University, mass communication department in 2006. With a passionate heart to serve people, she chooses to start her career by joining Future Foundation in 2006; a non-profit organization that worked with underprivileged Egyptians in slum areas. At that time, the foundation’s mission was to renovate slum areas inside greater Cairo with new houses and rehabilitate all the inhabitants with fundamental vocational and life skills.

Rana Ashour

Manager, Operations
t: +20.2.2615.3831

Rana Ashour is an operations manager at The American University in Cairo (AUC), Career Center. Her scope of work involves managing the Career Center revenue generated from the center's different activities. In addition, she handles the Career Center operational budget having detailed monitoring of the budget's different components. More than her finance role, her work scope extends to include other administrative duties within the Career Center. Ashour's range of duties allows her to collaborate with all the Career Center teams to ensure reaching the center’s goals and objectives.

Ashour has joined AUC in 2012. She graduated from the faculty of economics and political science, Cairo University, with a bachelor degree in economics.

Rania Abou El Naga

Career Events and Administration Manager
t: +20.2.2615.3822

Rania Abou El Naga has joined the AUC Career Center in 1997, graduated from the faculty of arts, Helwan University, with a bachelor degree in English literature. With over 22 years of experience in administration, finance, and organizing and planning events, she managed to gain the trust of her colleagues and develop a strong relationship both professionally and personally with the center’s staff, AUC administrative departments, students, alumni, employers, and external suppliers.

Abou El Naga is responsible for managing the organizational, logistics, and procurement-related functions of all the center’s year-round career and recruitment events in coordination with the relevant event owners. She also handles the events’ administrative functions of the career advising, experiential and recruitment activities, and liaises with the external agencies.

Her passion for helping and supporting her colleagues, in addition to her interest in learning more, made her expertise in many skills areas like leadership, decision making, creativity, communication and negotiation skills, graphic designing, solving technical matters. Moreover, Abou El Naga seeks to maintain high standards of performance and ensures that everything complies with the AUC’s mission and vision. 

Sandy Fakhry

On-Campus Recruitment Officer
t: +20.2.2615.2621

Sandy Fakhry, currently the on-campus recruitment officer at The American University in Cairo’s (AUC) Career Center, has over nine years of experience in human resources and recruiting services. Fakhry has a strong passion for helping people and is a data-driven recruiter who is passionate about matching candidates with the right career move. 

Prior to joining AUC in 2019, she was a senior talent acquisition specialist at a top pharmaceutical company. During her tenure there, she supported other departments with a variety of functions including planning, budgeting, candidate sourcing, pre-interview screening, job posting management, pre-hire testing, and background check administration.

She began her career as an internal communications officer at Schneider Electric Egypt, thereafter she worked as an agency recruiter across a diverse range of industries and geographies. Sandy recruited professionals in all specialties from staff level to senior management and provided recruiting support to clients by sourcing and screening candidates and conducting interviews to ensure her clients find and hire the best candidates available.

Soha Hassan

Assistant Director - Experiential Learning
t: +20.2.2615.3793

Graduated in 2008 from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor degree in electronics engineering with high honors. Hassan worked as a finance manager in one of the top multinational companies in the region, climbing the corporate ladder for six years before deciding to pursue her passion and shift her career to the field of education. During her work in corporate, she managed, trained, and developed a team of technical experts, analysts, and distributors across Egypt and LEVANT.

She joined AUC’s career center to be in charge of the center’s experiential learning programs in 2016 through which she develops and expands a portfolio of experiential learning programs to help students test-drive their career options, gain hands-on experience and develop the skills they need for success in their future careers. The experiential programs she is in charge of include internship, job shadowing, work-study programs, in addition to part-time student employment, case studies, and corporate competitions. An integral part of her role is to build and maintain a diverse corporate network to generate opportunities for on-campus student engagement and experiential-related functions.  

Hassan completed her master degree in international and comparative education at the American University in Cairo in 2017, and she occasionally teaches at the School of Continuing Education for the Professional Educator diploma. Her interests include: exploring the world, learning new languages, and enjoying classical music.

Sophia Khalifa

Internship Officer – Experiential Learning

t: +20.2.2615.3862

Sophia Khalifa holds a bachelor degree in business administration from The American University in Cairo. After working in various roles within the multinational and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry encompassing roles within human resources, organizational development, marketing, and business development, she joined the Career Center team to combine her passion for corporations and organizations with her purpose of development through becoming a part of the experiential learning team. 

Taline Toufayan

Assistant Director, Operation and Assessment

Taline Toufayan is the co-founder of AUC’s Career Center, which was established in 1991. With expertise in developing and building the center’s operations and assessment, she led the planning and implementation of the career center’s outcomes assessment strategy, setting evaluation standards for the center’s wide range of services and events. Toufayan oversees the center’s budget and management of events’ logistics. She leads the administration and analysis of alumni employability and employer surveys.