Career Center/ AUC

Global Edge

Global Edge is the first comprehensive on-campus employability and career readiness program. The program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to become familiar with and develop essential employability skills necessary for the future world of work. 

It connects undergraduate students with relevant career professionals and networks to gain first-hand knowledge and experience about potential career tracks. The opportunities provided by these programs include access to professional skills training by key professionals, and a chance to build networks, solve real-world problems, and gain essential know-how.

Global Edge Virtual Program - Career Tracks and Professionals 


Creative Writing
Mohamed Abbas
Fiction Author and Founder, Fiction Factory

Graphic Design
Malak Mehrez
Digital Strategist Consultant, BullsEye Digital

Gloria Botros
Psychologist, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Public Policy & Government Affairs
Kareem A. Monem
Public Policy and Government Affairs Manager, PepsiCo

Sound Engineering
Mafdy Thabet
Sound Engineer and Founder, Dream Studio Egypt